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So… my day today is as follows:

I wake up and do school. After it, I notice a comment on an article on that joked about indulgences. If you’ve never heard of the term, it’s a Catholic term for an act of penance that reduces your required stay in “Purgatory”, a sort of waiting-room-esque state where your sins are burned away before you enter Heaven. Well, I know a lot about Catholic history compared to the average layman, so I tried correcting his definition about indulgences; he claimed that they were “bought”, when they’re more “earned”, such as reading your bible or reciting prayers. Well, after responding with a logical, factual, and truthful comment, do you know what I got in response? Trolls. Tons of them, all spouting common misconceptions about the Catholic Church and how it’s “covering up mistakes” or how it’s “evil” and whatnot, even one of them going completely off-topic and getting modded up for it! So I spent a while trying to correct them all with actual citations instead of their baseless lies, only to get more.

Then I took a nap, only to come back to the worst part of my day… Read more…

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Sad And Useless

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

One of my favorite blogs that I’m following is one called Sad And Useless, a humor blog with tons of funny pictures, videos, and animations. He posts regularly with new hilarious stuff, one of my favorites being a recent post about knockoff toys, such as the following:


[Thomas the Tank Engine as a Transformer]

That is amazingly depressing...

Yeah… I don’t think that I need to explain that. Check out the site and the awesome things there sometime! You’ll definitely find something funny there 🙂

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On the first day of Netflix… (First Impressions)

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

…my postman gave to me: a Princess Mononoke! On the second day of Netflix, my postman gave to me: two Cowboy Bebops and a Princess Mononoke! </song>

As this post suggests, my family just got Netflix, a popular DVD rental and streaming service, recently! I’ve tweeted and dented about it on Twitter/Identica respectively, but I waited until now to give my impressions of their service so far (with updates to follow). So far we’ve received two DVDs, the first of which is Princess Mononoke, an awesome Japanese anime film, and the second is Cowboy Bebop vol. 4 (I’ve seen the first three volumes-worth on TV before), an awesome Japanese anime series that happens to air on Adult Swim. I’ll post reviews of these eventually, but for now I’m just going to talk about the overall Netflix service so far. Read more…

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Review: "Dinosaurchestra" by Lemon Demon

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

For the past three or four years, I have been a Lemon Demon fan. While the name might put some people off, the band was created by the awesomeness that is known by the name of Neil Cicierega, who also created the insanely popular Potter Puppet Pals, as well as a genre known as “animutation” (which I won’t delve into further for fear of creeping you out). In addition to these things, he also regularly uploads funny, short films and videos on his YouTube channel and performs live at conventions and whatnot. The only problem he has, though, is that he’s an independent musician, so almost all of his money has to be gained from word-of-mouth or the occasional gig. Fortunately for him, his music is insanely awesome, as evidenced in his awesomely titled “Dinosaurchestra” album. Read more…

“Moral Concerns” Section Added

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Sometimes, moral content can make or break a work. If you watch a violent movie with lots of action, but the morals are a little questionable, the experience could be pretty shallow in the end (if you aren’t easily entertained, that is). In my reviews from now on I will be including a “moral concerns” section which gives a detailed overview of the possible concerns that I’ve noticed with the work that either enhance or detract from the overall experience with the work, why, and how it could affect you. At the end of the moral content section, I will say the “overall maturity level”, which is a fancy way of saying “the general age that I think this work is appropriate for”. Below it I will also state why I gave it that rating. I hope that this enhances my reviews for all of my (incredibly miniscule number of) readers!

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