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“Moral Concerns” Section Added

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes, moral content can make or break a work. If you watch a violent movie with lots of action, but the morals are a little questionable, the experience could be pretty shallow in the end (if you aren’t easily entertained, that is). In my reviews from now on I will be including a “moral concerns” section which gives a detailed overview of the possible concerns that I’ve noticed with the work that either enhance or detract from the overall experience with the work, why, and how it could affect you. At the end of the moral content section, I will say the “overall maturity level”, which is a fancy way of saying “the general age that I think this work is appropriate for”. Below it I will also state why I gave it that rating. I hope that this enhances my reviews for all of my (incredibly miniscule number of) readers!

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