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So… my day today is as follows:

I wake up and do school. After it, I notice a comment on an article on Slashdot.org that joked about indulgences. If you’ve never heard of the term, it’s a Catholic term for an act of penance that reduces your required stay in “Purgatory”, a sort of waiting-room-esque state where your sins are burned away before you enter Heaven. Well, I know a lot about Catholic history compared to the average layman, so I tried correcting his definition about indulgences; he claimed that they were “bought”, when they’re more “earned”, such as reading your bible or reciting prayers. Well, after responding with a logical, factual, and truthful comment, do you know what I got in response? Trolls. Tons of them, all spouting common misconceptions about the Catholic Church and how it’s “covering up mistakes” or how it’s “evil” and whatnot, even one of them going completely off-topic and getting modded up for it! So I spent a while trying to correct them all with actual citations instead of their baseless lies, only to get more.

Then I took a nap, only to come back to the worst part of my day…

When I got back, my friend (now former friend) Jessica was sad that her friend Heidi’s friend died. So, naturally, I try to comfort them. You know what I get back from them? “This proves God doesn’t exist”. Um… no it doesn’t? So I try telling them to keep God out of this because God had nothing to do with it (in addition to it insulting me). I try saying how I’m sorry and how they could have said that a little nice, and I get “FUCK YOU” as a response. I removed them both from my friends list shortly after. You can obviously see why.

On a related note, the Cowboy Bebop DVD we got from Netflix recently wouldn’t play half of the episodes; they were really glitchy and unwatchable. So we sent it back for another copy, and when we got it today I tried watching it with my brother. One of the other episodes worked, but not the second one. So I was just about to sent it back for another copy, when my mom got upset at me. She wanted to see a movie that came out last October, but it was released on Netflix only two days ago. She was upset that this is the third time we’ve asked for a replacement DVD, and she was tired of waiting to see this movie. I don’t blame her, I really don’t, and I can perfectly understand how she feels, but her and my dad were being completely illogical about it. Instead of merely suggesting that I get a replacement after she sees her movie, they suggest that I skip the entire DVD! So I try to say that I’m sorry and that I don’t mind waiting a bit, but I don’t necessarily have to skip the DVD. All I need to do is just send it back, report a problem with it, and then get that back after mom’s movie. Saying I have to skip it completely ignores the way Netflix works. Your queue isn’t set in stone; you can modify it at any time! After having them get mad at me about how I “control the Netflix queue” and that I “don’t give anyone else a turn”, I finally get a chance to suggest that I can get this DVD later, and they say that’s fine. Sheesh…

tl;dr, my day sucked. Blah…

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