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Gold Library Card!

Today I got my “golden library card” for my local library system! What does that mean, you ask? It means I don’t get any late fees whatsoever! I can go a day or two over the due date on something and they don’t mind! And do you know why they don’t mind? It’s because I volunteered over 100 hours at the various libraries in my county over the years! *squee*!!!

I was supposed to get this late last year, but they mis-counted my hours (leaving about 10-20 of them out), so I tried working some more hours and they misplaced it again! Then, I submitted the form for a golden card one more time, and I finally got it! It was totally worth the wait because now I get to check out a bunch of things at once and not worry so extensively about taking them back. That doesn’t mean I get to “keep” what I check out (in a sense). It would be very rude of me to take something out for an extended period of time. I’m only going to use my card so I don’t have to rush to take them back; I’ll be sure to take the books and movies back that I get right when I finish them.

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